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It’s the age of specialization. Whether we’re in need of medical, legal, technology, investment, or other professional services, “general practitioners” no longer make the grade. We demand experts who specialize in our area of need.
Why finance your new home with a “general practitioner?”
Welcome to the FBC Builder Advantage, the specialists that you need. You’ve wisely chosen new construction for your dream home, and financing new construction is what we’re all about. We created the FBC Builder Division to service the unique needs of new construction buyers. Consider:
• Builder business is all we do
• We know your builder – your sales agent, your construction supervisor, and everyone else involved with your new home. We work closely with all of them to ensure the communication so vital to a smooth construction and financing experience.
• A financing team dedicated to you – your loan officer and loan processor are assigned specifically to your builder and to you
• An “all-in-one” package. A lender specialist teamed with your builder – you’ll be serviced by closely-related building and financing partners vs. a lender who may have never worked with your builder before.
• Financing Incentives – your builder offers you incentives if financing through FBC Builder. Why? Because they know that FBC (an unaffiliated lender) will provide a better customer experience for you, and your financing will always be ready when your home is.
These are just the highlights of the FBC Builder Advantage. Talk to an FBC Builder specialist for more details…